by Jim Kirker

I'm a software contractor for hire in the fast paced software industry here in Orange County CA

I am quite capable of building websites for personal use, branding and organizations which can include tools such as payment processing and lead generation.

Web Designer

Custom Website Designer

Websites for people, branding and organizations

Web Applications Developer

Web Applications Developer

Applications that run on the Internet

Windows App Developer

Windows Applications Developer

Applications that run in Windows 7 or 10


I have several different types of specialized projects that I author to shorten your development time.

As a software developer, people ask for many things but I can't be an expert at all of them. So I have focused on a couple of technologies that greatly interest me.

I have other technologies available as well including a couple of prototypes yet to be seen. But I'm convinced that responsive website designs will be industry standard, and older websites that are not responsive will go the way of the dinosaurs.

web designs

Project Indigo Personal Edition V4 is designed to be an even smaller more lightweight design for personal use and offers flexible designs with animation

web applications

Project Indigo eCommerce is my premiere program in which I have taken everything I have learned about the industry and implemented new workflows for smoother operations.

windows apps

This is one of my custom Windows 10 Applications that scrapes websites for data and creates Excel Spreadsheets with the results

Current Projects

This is just a small sample of technology that I have already written that is currently available

Websites - Marketing and Promotion

I've created a personal version of my Project Indigo that provides a smaller subset of its parent application. In fact this website is Personal Edition V4 which includes AngularJS and ReactJS, which represents just one of the graphic layout formats and design which is short and brief with animation. It has a EF6 ORM Code First SQLite database in the backend so no server is required, and is E Commerce capable on a small scale. SQLite can be swapped out for other technologies with just a small code change.

Web Applications - eCommerce

I started Project Indigo as a new generic e commerce application that is on par with current big box stores. This website uses the technology that I have written from scratch because I believe its far superior to others.

Windows App - Website data scraper

Automation is the key to employee and customer satisfaction when you can take a task such as gathering the sell price of all your competitors, and dump them into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

These are the vertical markets I prefer to work with

When your excited about the subject, you tend to make that connection required to command attention to it.

I love the automotive industry for it just draws me in like a strong electric car motor magnet. Whether it's aftermarket and OEM performance parts, or Manufacturers designing street legal race cars, I find myself being really engaged in the industry. I lean to cars that run on liquid fuels such as E-10, E-85 or VP racing fuels and don't really have that much interest in electric cars unless their ready to race.

But at any rate, I like sports as well, and construction contractors. Don't take offense if your vertical market is not listed here, and feel free to call anyways. This is just my attempt to attract the auto industry to me.


Automotive Electronics

I'm a tech gearhead and understand the need for new electronics


Automotive Engines

I'm a tech gear hear and understand the need for more torque to the wheels


Automotive OEM

I appreciate the hard work manufacturers do to provide us street legal race cars.


Authority and Scholar

Did I mention that I'm a member of Code Project? an excellent programmer which helps the next generation of programmers learn mad skills

Kirker's Progress


Lines of code written

Code is the backbone of every application for proper functionality.


Pictures Taken

Websites requires great photography to make them pop and express your thoughts



But some thoughts have to be drawn in vector art form in Illustrator

Top reasons to contract to jkirkerx

jkirkerx specializes in top quality high level work for those looking to project a fine tuned polished image for their brand or organization. I charge more for this level of optimization because it's more time consuming and requires checking across multiple devices for proper operations. Think of responsive designs has 3 websites in one, because it doesn't require a dedicated website for phones and tablets.

  • HTML5 and scripts - I write this stuff by hand just like regular writing, for I'm that fluent and have been doing this for 15 years now.
  • Strong use of CSS to support HTML5 - I try to keep HTML to a minimum focusing more on reusable CSS classes to create styled effects and layouts
  • Strict JQuery and Javascript - I write code that that is minimalist for faster processing speeds and no browser hang ups.
  • CSS and Script bundling - I bundle CSS and script packages together to reduce the amount of HTTP calls to the web server. This is what makes the website faster
  • Security and ciphers - I use strong ciphers that are current for today's environment, which are not on the do not use list
  • Automated project builds - I use gulp to automate project builds, in which separate files and bundled together as one called package
  • No fuzzy images - I take the time to produce top quality images and illustrations and size them correctly, so they work across all devices without looking fuzzy
  • No little tiny text - I make some of the text larger in certain areas for those that don't have the eyes of a 10 year old.
  • Forms that work correctly - I understand HTTP POST/GET request plus can write separate JQuery validate code for custom validation without a post to the server. So my forms work correctly.
  • Experience - I'm not young and just out of school, and I have 15 years experience at this. Websites are not just for the young, but older folks must be included as well.

I'm not for everybody!

There's a saying among business owners in which I have been told over a hundred times now

"I don't need your level of skill and quality for my business"

It took me years to figure out why and then one day I realized that they didn't want customers to have a high level of expectation for their brand or organization in which I can appreciate. But if your the opposite then were a match and you should contact me to discuss your project to see if were on the same page with your build.


18392 Enterprise Lane
Ste 3
Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Office: +1 714-845-9284