by Jim Kirker

About the founder

This website was created from scratch by jkirkerx, who is a software contractor for hire in Orange County CA

Jim Kirker

United States


About the ring leader

Kirker is the founder, owner, administrator, and the shameless hack that wrote and runs jkirkerx.

Born in Southern California, and then moved to the suburbs of Huntington Beach in 1968. He has worked across many states from the Mississippi River to Hawaii as a Fiber Optic and RF or Radio contractor and landed back home in Huntington Beach.

He wrote his first program at age 11 in junior high school, using paper, pencil and yellow paper tape to store it on. Took computer class in High School, only to swap it out for surfing class. He got back into programming after working for Xerox Corporation in the 80's and had the chance to work for Microsoft in 1990 but turned it down. Co-wrote and developed Page Ability in 1995, a program that generates text messages for pagers. Kirker started writing web apps in 2003, with Classic, migrated to PHP for 5 years, and then back to ASP.Net. He writes in VB, C# and also knows C++ as well.

At the same time at age 10, his father dragged him out to the garage and taught him how to build car engines, weld, fabricate and paint customized cars. He became a tech gearhead and feel in love with cars and creating things. He likes Porsche 911's and the Subaru WRX but drives a Ford Focus. The Subaru WRX is next on the list and hopefully with the new FJ engine and twin scroll turbo with direct injection on either E20 or E85 flex fuel.

On the side he likes bowling and works hard to improve his skills and knowledge of the sport. Registered as a USBC Level 1 coach for teaching youth bowlers and carries a successful background check.

He calls himself an Urban Pioneer which is a Rural Pioneer that lives in the suburbs, and lives the Urban Pioneer life. Urban Pioneer is one that doesn't buy things made of plastic because of hyper-obsolescent as one example. Considering creating a subscription (pay-wall) website to teach others the Urban Pioneer way of life after this is completed.


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