by Jim Kirker

Introducing .Net Core 2.1

This is now Project Indigo Personal V5 built with .Net Core V2.1, NodeJS, AngularJS and ReactJS 1.6.1.

What does this all mean?

Well this applies or is targeted to the software developer community.

For the average consumer, this most likely means nothing and just looks like another website in which a click is made and the page is loaded. But to the trained eye, or one that will look at the source code, one who is a developer, this is a huge step for me in showing or demonstrating my skill levels with today’s technology.

If you haven't created a .Net Core project yet, then it is difficult to explain the difference. But .Net Core is designed to run on any platform, whether it's a Windows, Linux, or OSX environment. .Net Core separates itself from the web server’s operating system and can run as a self-contained process.

One thing I like about .Net Core is that you can create a project that is very lean and modular for an even smaller footprint that is very fast in speed. With this very small footprint, Angular, React and Bootstrap can be added for client side development using the Core to simply serve data. The other thing I like about .net Core 2 is that I just ported this website over to it and was able to remove much more code than expected, so the size of this program is even smaller now.

Keep in mind that this program has several back ends to administer and maintain the program, so it's much bigger than it looks. I really like this technology and will adopt it now for many projects. Later I will add some client technology using Angular and ReactJS.

Kirker - Jul, 10, 2017

For the Average Joe

Paying a little bit extra for a .Net Application may be worth the investment.


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