by Jim Kirker

Looking for an e commerce developer?

jkirkerx is a web applications developer or contractor for hire that specializes in responsive eCommerce website designs. He can be hired by the day, week or month for your long or short term needs. Stay and see if any of the components in Project Indigo! can be used to enhance your current project.

Introducing Project Indigo!

A lightweight generic e commerce application built with MVC and accelerated with compression and file bundling. It's design is well thought out with new checkout and order handling workflows, which are more optimized than ever before.

jkirkerx is the creator and founder of Project Indigo!

which is a 100% responsive e commerce solution that is generic and lightweight in design and deployment

This is Project Indigo! - This website is built on the 4th generation of Project Indigo! and is the personal edition that I sell to entry level website owners. My target market is for those that know the risk and reward of using Wordpress and are looking for a more robust secure solution.
I created Project Indigo! as a replacement for my earlier designs based on Web Forms with no mobile version or responsive design. Rather than refactor the older projects, it made more sense to just write all brand new projects from the ground up. The learning curve for this new new technology was very steep, and I paid a very high price to become proficient with it.
What makes it unique is that it's written in MVC, utilizes automated gulp scripting to self build the project, and features automatic database creation and change migration. It also contains controller attributes that run a security check on every page GET/POST request.
One feature that I like the most is the forced SSL for the entire website making every page's data secure as well. Last but not least is URL routing that doesnt expose querystrings, which helps eliminate querystring injection attacks securing the website even more.

The trouble with Wordpress Is that these low level developers just add a module called Woo Commerce, add your items and resell it to you as a complete solution. But since their not real programmers, they don't know every line of code and are most likely are not able to fix it when it breaks. Open source is a good idea, but the solutions are never really polished.

Summary of design features

I went all out in the design to make this on par with the big box stores and did all the heavy lifting for you.

  • MVC - which is a new different way to handle page request
  • Bootstrap V4 - when done right, makes it responsive for all devices
  • Gulp - automates the program build for taking plugins from the library and disturbing them to their proper locations, and then compresses and bundles
  • Bower - maintains a list of required plugins and does version checking for each
  • Font Awesome - is used everywhere and has eliminated the need to create small pieces of artwork
  • Controller Attributes - I wrote many custom controller attributes to consolidate common calls to data and to confirm your identity on every page request
  • Entity Framework - I wrote a complete database creation function that automatically creates your database, and will update tables as you make changes called migration
  • CSS3 - Anything that could be done with Bootstrap was used while designs beyond Bootstrap were custom written keeping CSS on a very small scale.
  • JQuery - Was used for the client side and is highly optimized and compact, plus compressed for production
  • C Sharp - This is written 100% in C Sharp, which I learned over time offers true functionality and no surprises. I like C Sharp because you can get real compact with code.
  • Models - Models are heavily used here and kept to a minumum reducing code size the the lowest levels I've ever seen
  • Views - I used views with master pages and footers to keep HTML updates to a minimum
  • Controllers - There are a large amount of controllers which were carefully crafted and named
  • API's - All brand new API's for card processing, shipping mostly in SOAP except for USPS calls
  • Heavy Lifting - I did all the heavy lifting writing the most complex task for you to consume. Many of the features I wrote are not documented online very well, and require extensive research and testing to confirm proper operation.

Authority and Scholar

Did I mention that I'm a member of Code Project? an excellent programmer which helps the next generation of programmers learn mad skills

This website is a personal version of Project Indigo!

in which the technology used here represents the core features of the application, but uses SQLite for a compact design.

This personal version was designed to be SQL server free lowering the cost of running the application. This means you don't have to pay additional money hosting a database server nor be tied to a external database technology. I did this on purpose because I didn't want to commit additional database resources to those that don't need it which reduces my operating cost.
This is the 4th generation of the program in which I upgraded it to Bootstrap V4.1.1 and added more scripts to handle the viewports of more devices. It also now offers animations and parallax for moving images around the screen. I have now added support for ReactJS for both client and server side rendering, and AngularJS for a seperate MVC system using JavaScript.
It's almost perfect but I'm not happy with how it handles large mobile phones such as my iPhone 6S+ in landscape mode. But I am very happy with it in portrait mode in which I think is more important, because I don't like turning my phone landscape anymore, because the phone's keyboard is too wide spaced.

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