by Jim Kirker

What is ReactJS?

It's a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework that addresses the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications.

Do you need it?

HTML5 alone or even combined with Razor is fine for a typical static website.

But if you’re contracting for a more sophisticated website that involves data that changes frequently, then I can see choosing ReactJS for your project. The extra billable hours would be worth the expense to have this feature.

ReactJS is perfect for single page applications in which many people at once are collaborating such as a social media page or sports listing. It uses JavaScript to poll the web server for changes and when one is detected it updates that page. So a user can stay on that page for hours if needed.

ReactJS Example

This is a ReactJS example for .Net MVC, in which the JSX file is first processed on the server, and then the client side functionality is loaded as well. So both sides are now working here in this example. Feel free to add some comments; the comments only save while you’re on the page.

This example was taken from a turtorial ReactJS.Net, in which I modified it for Bootstrap V4.1.1.

ReactJS Comments

Daniel Lo Nigro

Hello ReactJS.NET World!

Pete Hunt

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Jordan Walke

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My summary of ReactJS

Setting up a MVC Project with ReactJS.Net to not only work on the client side, but to also first render on the server side was a 3 day adventure. But now I have a fully functional JavaScript rendering engine and JavaScript Engine Switcher handling the server side and a decent script that works. The scripts are being compiled correctly using Babel, and the client postback works as well now.

I'm now well on my way to being able to tinker around with ReactJS and MVC knowing that my project is built correctly. Next I will be looking into building Isomorphic React applications to reduce code size. But overall in the end, Project Indigo Personal V5 is now built with AngularJS and ReactJS ready to go and can run on any Windows IIS8+ server.


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