by Jim Kirker

Looking for a web applications developer for the automotive industry?

jkirkerx just loves the automotive industry and can assist in making that positive connection to captivate your audience.

But don't worry if your vertical market isn't automotive, for I'll work on almost anything.

The automotive industry for me is simply fun and exciting

When a subject is fun and exciting, the wheels in my head turn real fast for creating innovative web designs and web application features

There are so many topics to get excited about in todays fast paced automotive industry, and Orange County CA is one of the auto capitals of the world in which almost every car manufactured on the globe can be seen driven here locally.

Most people don't know that many of the most popular designs were created here locally like the Porsche Cayenne and many of the Toyotas in the 80's. Plus we own the after market segment led and organized by SEMA located here locally as well, the ones that put on that great show in Las Vegas. I'm a tech gearhear and just love the direction that the industry has taken with forced induction in going faster or simply saving more liquid fuel.

Carberry Module

Aftermarket ECU's

are available now that support CAN Bus and are customizable

Subaru FA225 Engine

Subaru FA225 Boxer Engine

Sleeving Subaru Engines is huge now for generating over 600 HP

AP Racing Disc Brake

Large Disc Brake Kits

Are designed and distrubuted here locally in Orange County CA

These are just a couple of topics I have interest within the automotive industry

The topics below are just areas of personal interest to me that I have been looking at recently

  • Engine Sleeving - As I study these Subaru Boxer Engines, I like the concept of a lightweight case that is simply sleeved in replacable steal for pistons.
  • Forced Induction - As fuels become more expensive to produce, it's important to burn it completely to generate the most power from it. As long as combustion temperatures remain below 2000F, the creation of monoxide should not be an issue.
  • ECU Programming - The ECU controls all aspects of the engine, and can be tuned for more power and torque, yet be even cleaner than current CARB specifications. I would like to see tuning made legal in CA like in Japan so we can also contribute to cleaner air.
  • Expansion of CAN Bus - CAN Bus has been expanded to support so many more devices beyond just engine and transmission management. We as programmers can expand the bus even farther adding new features.
  • Gasoline vs Alcohol - I was never a fan of growing corn to make fuel, but E-85 or flex-fuel which has poor mileage can actually generate even more power and better mileage with proper ECU tuning.
  • EGR Systems - seems to be a thing of the past and a low-cost way to lower combustion temps. But It's just plain stupid because so much fuel is wasted to get the engine up to temp fast for the catalytic converter to work properly.
  • Raspberry PI - I was looking at these IOT devices and found that a module could be connected to it to support UART and CAN communications to talk to the ECU. Now programmers can extend the capability of the ECU with all sorts of new features
  • Tuning older cars - I drive an older car because I like it and its cheap to maintain. But I would like to dump the EGR system and add a turbo for more power and better fuel economy, in which CA will not let me do.

Something of Interest to me that I would like to share with you

Have you seen these Raspberry PI boards with 1 gig of RAM and an ARM CPU?


This is a Raspberry PI with a carberry module from Italy. It's got UARTs to speak J1850 PWM, CAN Bus, uses the car as a power supply and has a 12V trigger to turn on. It seems to have video output so video can be display on say one of those Pioneer double DIN units.

double din display unit

This is one of those double DIN multi function units that I was writing of. Here this is either an artist rendering or somebody has already done the heavy lifting to collect ECU data and write the graphics modules. Since the unit is touchscreen, you should be able to toggle between data sets.

Current Thoughts

As Raspberry PI fanatics search for a task to use for their device, I have already thought of many.

Dash cam and tracking device

I would love to have a dash cam to record my travel and log engine data at the same time, plus include GPS which can calculate travel speed and perhaps elevation. It would be cool to know how your engine performs while climbing mountains or traversing a hot desert. I'm a tech gear head and can see myself replaying a trip up I15 to Vegas on my TV. The data collected could be displayed in a side bar with analog gauges.

Like I said I'm a tech gearhear and things like this interest me. But I just need a newer car with a modern ECU to support this project. I'm thinking of the 2017+ Subaru WRX with the newer version of the Boxer engine.

Racing attack times

Same thing as above but add a GPS start point and record the same data but add lap times to the mix


Well I'm a professional programmer, but python is not my gig. I can see dropping Windows IOT on it and firing up Visual Studio 2017 for perhaps a compiled app. This carberry should have that chip being used by all the ECU programmers so socket conversations should be easy to write. It would just be a matter of capturing video and writing it to the SD storage card.

These are previous vertical markets that jkirkerx has worked with in the past

I really don't want to back to these past vertical markets anymore and just want to move forward

  • Dentist - I have made many websites for Dentist, which is a difficult service to market because they all sell the same thing.
  • Dental Implants - Marketing dental implants was actually fun and exciting.
  • Promotional Products - Promotional Products are one of the most saturated markets on earth and difficult to rise to the top
  • Construction Contractors - I like working with local contractors and helping them promote their skills to the public
  • Semi-conductors, chips and circuit boards - These were actually fun to work with
  • Tools - Power and hand tools for various industries
One of the negative aspects of custom web designers and custom web application developers is when you contract to a team or individual that has no interest or knowledge of your vertical market, they tend to lack the excitement which will make that positive connection to captivate your audience or simply make the application useful.

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