by Jim Kirker

Looking for a web applications developer?

jkirkerx is a web applications developer or contractor for hire that specializes in responsive website designs. He can be hired by the day, week or month for your long or short term needs. Stay and check out the website to learn more about what he can contribute to fulfill your current needs.

Web applications for your online customer or user base

There are hundreds of reasons why an organization needs to collect data on their customer base before a service or event may begin. But the dirty little secret is that these apps need to be easy to use and understand for all age ranges, and work across hundreds of different devices.

jkirkerx is the founder and creator of Project Indigo!

which not only qualifies him to understand this difficult challenge of creating great looking easy to navigate web applications, but proves he has the experience needed to finish the task.

This is Project Indigo! - the 4th generation of it called Project Indigo! Personal Edition V4 designed to market people, brands and organizations. By using this website you are test driving my technology creation and getting a sample of what you can expect.
Web applications are no different than e commerce, in which we must collect the personal information of your customer base and store it in a secure enviroment without leaving any security loopholes for hackers to penetrate.
They need to be great looking and easy to use for users ranging from novice to expert to reduce support calls. But most important is for each user to complete the task required.
In most cases, a developer excels in either the GUI or the code behind that drives the logic. But with jkirkerx you can get both from a single source point.
Consider this, you can hire a real programmer with HTML and CSS skills who knows how security and ciphers work, or you can hire a person which relies upon a canned or CMS program who's not a real programmer and uses programming forums to get others to write their code. We call them the copy and paste programmers for they write terrible code. What's most troubling is that these people have BA Degrees in computer science and are hired by America's top companies.

The trouble with Wordpress is that it's offered by people who are not real programmers and have no clue of what their doing. They simply lack the skills to secure a website or to simply write efficient PHP scripts that work. I get calls every week from website owners asking me to fix their Wordpress site because it was hacked again. Over time, these websites manage to sink deeper into the rabbit hole while adding more javascript and css errors to the list.

Authority and Scholar

Did I mention that I'm a member of Code Project? an excellent programmer who is kind to small animals and has a big heart.

Summary of mad skills here

Being a programmer means you have to know how to setup networks and servers as well to deploy solutions correctly. You also have to know how to use Photoshop and Illustrator in order to complete projects.

  • HTML5 - I write this stuff by hand and know it as good as english.
  • CSS3 - I have a strong knowledge of CSS3 for responsive designs with media queries that match Bootstrap V4.1.1
  • Illustrator - I can make custom vector artwork from scratch and prefer it over Photoshop
  • Visual Studio 2017 - I live in Visual Studio 2017, while running other programs at the same time to build projects.
  • Server 2012 - I run an array of hardware servers running hypervisors with virtual machines with both Windows and Linux
  • Linux - I was really more into Linux that Windows Server so I still use it. Good with bash and setting up permissions
  • Bind - I write Bind Zone files for Linux from scratch to program DNS records
  • Cryptography - I have a strong knowledge of ciphers and which ones are safe to use. In addition I use the rotaing or unique keys to Encrypt with. I take crytography very seriously and have dedicated a large amount of time in perfecting this skill.
  • PHP - I started out writing in PHP first, then Visual Basic and on to C-sharp. I actually go back to the C and C++ days in the 80's
  • ORM - Object-relational mapping - I stopped writing SQL/TSQL and started using Linq in 2013.
  • MVC - I started using MVC and MVC core over Web Forms after an extensive training period starting in Jan 2014. For me MVC is more flexible in design and doesn't have strange scripts and resources that bots get confused over.
  • Gulp - I use the hell out of Gulp for automated build task. Between this and Bower they were really hard to learn but the payoff was well worth it.
  • Bootstrap V4 - I made the transition to Bootstrap in 2015 and I'm much better with it now in 2018
  • React.js - I started training for ReactJS in May of 2018 and find it pretty cool. Looking forward to adding a ReactJS page app to my website.
  • Angular - I started training for Angular 6 in May of 2018 and will soon implement it here as a page enhancement.
  • Razor - I'm really good with Razor and route url building, but not a real fan of it and prefer straight HTML, but I need to create pages with multiple records and URL routing.
  • JQuery - I'm really good with JQuery and write very compact and efficient code with it.
  • JSON - Very strong with JSON and record arrays
  • System.Drawing - Very good with image manipulation in bytes or Base64 strings. I can also read exif and flip iPhone images to the proper orientation
  • Bytes[] - Very strong working with data in byte[] form, such as images and files.
  • Shopping Carts and Checkout - I have a couple of 10th generation cart and checkout systems that are highly refined and production tested for use. My new designs for checkout are read only and only write when the customer makes purchase. This allows for customers to abandon checkout and start again clean, and eliminates back button errors.
  • Payment Gateways and Shipping - I've already written API's for Payment Gateways such as First Data and Authorize.Net and I support FedEx, UPS and DHL as well.
  • Package Calculator - I have a 5th generation class that can take items in a cart, and calculate how many packages are required for shipment, and then rate it with a 92% accuracy rate.
  • Email - I have authored my SendEngine_Async which is a sophisticated SMTP sending engine so every email gets delivered. It's HTML template capable, offers multiple retries and a failure mechanism.

I run a Dell T3600 with a 6 core Intel Xeon and 32 gigs or RAM

My hardware

I needed real fast speed for multiple processes to shorten my compile times and a beefy video card to make drawing illustrations faster.

Dell T3600 Workstation Xeon E5-1660

I run a Dell T3600 with 32 Gigs of Ram and a Nvidia Quadro K4200. It has a 6 core Xeon to handle the modern programming environment and is tuned for 3D CAD as well.

Writing code is one thing but it can take forever to compile code and do unit testing. This is why I need a really fast rig with more than the typical 4 core CPU.
The huge Xeon 6 core CPU makes running Visual Studio 2017 as fast as possible and shaves 3 hours a day off project times.
I really hate Wordpress because of what it has done to the industry You've probably picked up this by now for I've been pretty clear about it. It has allowed very low skilled people to steal from the pockets of Americans by delivering complete junk at a premium price. They steal photos and copy (content) from the web and present it as their own, then post stolen flashy pictures that make you break out your credit card and buy. And they do this for what is considerd a premium price.

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