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Looking for a website developer?

jkirkerx is a software developer or contractor for hire that specializes in responsive website designs. He can be hired by the hour, week or month for your long or short term needs. Stay and check out the website to learn more about how and what he can contribute to fulfill your needs.

Websites come in many flavors today

Ranging from static in which the content only changes by the hands of a skilled craftsman, or dynamic in which the owner is free to express their ideas and attempt to put them in writing with pictures worth a thousand words.

CMS Websites

Wordpress is the most popular CMS on the market today and the platform that has the most job postings for developer assistence. It's written in PHP by a small organization and thousands of people contribute to expand it's capabilities. It has wonderful features and capabilities but there is a dark to it that's not mentioned very often.

My Websites

My websites are close to being CMS, and just needs another year of development to fully implement the feature on a true MVC platform. But I don't have the darkside that Wordpress has, and security is 100 times better.

The dark side to Wordpress is that real programmers don't work with it which left a vacuum bringing in novices that want to make a fast buck with no shame at taking your money. You see these folks were not able to write a website from scratch because they don't fully understand how HTML and HTTP really works. Wordpress made it too easy to just download a fully operational platform that can just be tweaked and up and running in very little time. The security dark side is that Wordpress is really easy to hack, and when yours gets hacked, the average charge is $2200 for repair. They stick it to you because your vulnerable and panicking, which makes you freely break out that credit card for repairs.
mobile phone examples

My Responsive Designs

These are fully tested design packages that have been tested across 100's of devices

Design Package Contents

A design packages includes CSS and HTML5 that extends the Bootstrap V4 stock format, so it slightly just tweeks Bootstraps stock output.

Viewport and Touch enhancements

All my packages include advanced viewport handlers and touchscreen enhancements to control the size of the page on the device and to probe the devices touch capabilities. I don't want to depend on a feature that the phone doesn't support.

I simply offer one flavor which is responsive design based on Bootstrap V4, but I offer different layouts ranging from entry level to magazine and shopping. I chose this flavor here because I didn't want to take up much of your time while your shopping for a developer.

100% Guarantee

I do the best possible to secure your website and will back my work 100%, with no charge to fix it.
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I stand behind my work because I have to be PCI compliant anyways, and if a loophole exist I want to know about and create a code fix to stop it from ever happening again.

Responsive Designs

I don't make the old school websites anymore and just create responsive designs now as one project.
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Nor do I make seperate websites that are mobile oriented and a desktop version. Google loves responsive designs and will bump them up in search listings anyways.

Custom or Canned Layouts

You can choose one of my canned layouts like this one, or I can offer you a custom design based on a new CSS file and HTML that matches it.
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This is a basic entry level design that offers animation but includes advanced viewport and touch assistance. I can also paralax or animate images as well, and add other advanced features described in WebApps.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There really is no magic search engine optimization techniques for the website that some folks specialize in and charge big bucks for.
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It's really just a matter of adhering to the rules and not copying the same context/copy as other websites which is called the penguin effect. As long as the meta tags are correct and the HTML is well formulated and tested, your website will rank according to how many are really interested in the topic.
There are two aspects to SEO, in which the website is one, and the search engine world is another. If your current website is polluted with bad HTML and broken scripts, then crawlers will never be able to fully index the page. The page will have to be fixed of all errors in order for machines to read it correctly. Website page load speed is also a factor as well. If your website pages take a long time to load, then that search index listing will drop in ranking.

Free SSL Certificate

I will purchase you a SSL certificate for 3 years to secure your website at no extra charge out of my pocket.
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All my website are 100% SSL for every page, so all personal information is protected from eave droppers listening in on your connection. If you move your website I will regenerate a new certificate for you at no extra charge.

Nobody in the industry

Offers a free 3 year domain validated SSL certificate and a 100% backed guarantee on security.


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