by Jim Kirker

Looking for a Windows 10 developer?

jkirkerx is a Windows 7 & 10 developer and contractor for hire that specializes in email, website scraping and api's. He can be hired by the day, week or month for your long or short term needs. Stay and see if any of the components in the sample programs can benefit your organization

Custom Windows Applications for internal or external use are a company's greatest asset.

I say this because I can almost fully automate common daily tasks that use to be done manually and run them on a timer.

Imagine having a web page scraper

Below is a web page scraper used to compile data on product SKUs to help purchasers find the best price within the required delivery date.

web page scraper
This is one of the most popular services that I see posted on software job forums to date
Everybody wants to know what their competition is doing so they commission a website scraper
But the problem I see is that most are looking for just a script to run on a daily basis, and the script is not capable of storing the data in a usable format. This is too bad because people that make these purchases have no clue how it works, and end up buying a complex script that is difficult to run and observe.
I've solved that problem by creating a scraper in a Windows Application that can write the data to a database and then create reports and Excel Spreadsheets for further analysis.
The center screen is a browser, so you can see the page scraps in action, changing pages and websites. It's really cool to watch the action because it's really fast in operation. This program collected all the artwork and built the menus on the left, and downloaded product pictures. The Excel spreadsheets even include the product pictures embedded in the file.

Or an electronic invoicing, sales order and purchasing system

Below is what I call a legacy overlay application that will assist an old DOS application and modernize it for todays needs.

DOS overlay application
A custom DOS overlay application that supports a legacy application called Account Mate which is still used by many companies because it works fine.
This program slices, dices and pumps out reports on screen or in PDF format. It contains an advanced email sending engine that is Gmail compatible, and a contact database in which you can send invoices to multiple purchasing agents at the same time. The past due module will rip through the database and flag all past due customers, then send them an electronic notification completely automated.
It doesn't really matter to me what you current need may be today but rest assure that I have already written it and can integrate rather quickly.
I can write in Visual Basic or C# whichever your preference is. Or simply upgrade your existing Windows App to Windows 7 and 10 for compatibility reasons.

Writing Windows Apps is whole different beast

It requires a higher level skill set that I have incorporated into my website applications which makes me a better candidate, than say your average Wordpress guy or gal.

  • Multi-Threading - Many of the task are ran on multiple threads for faster operation and a fluid user experience.
  • Async / Threading - I can wait for operations to confirm and complete, or just let them just run out and finish in the background
  • Email - I'm on a 5th generaton email class that I wrote which is Async, and can read custom HTML templates and populate their fields automatically.
  • Email Retries and Failures - If the email is not able to send due to a slow connection or bad server in a farm, I will pause and retry the set amount of times, or fail and write the job to the database for later transmission.
  • Web Services - I can write or consume a web service from scratch with a API reference to refer to. XSD and SOAP is not a problem.
  • Custom Web Service - I can write you a custom web service for your customers to consume, and write it in SOAP, XML or serialized class. I can also document the API for developers to write to.
  • Web Requests - I can write a simple or complex series of web requests to scrap an online resource for data mining. I can cache the data to the page expiration date to reduce frequent calls.
  • Socket Level Communications - I can write at the socket level and converse with other services and machines
  • Cryptography - I can encrypt and decrypt your data according to your specifications
  • File IO - I can read almost any file, remove or add the BOM, and translate it to another format
  • Installshield - I can write deployment or setup programs for your custom application including full stack features such as database
  • Payment Gateways and Shipping - I've already written API's for Payment Gateways such as First Data and Authorize.Net and I support FedEx, UPS and DHL as well.
  • Package Calculator - I have a 5th generation class that can take items in a cart, and calculate how many packages are required for shipment, and then rate it.
  • Report Writer - I have 4 years experience with Report Writer without using the wizard.
  • ORM and Linq - I'm really good at reading old school DB files like Clipper/Fox and using Linq to create complex data sets.
Good Windows Apps are expensive because they are time consuming to create and require so much addtional code to detect bad user data and double clicks, which can run functions twice. I probably spend 1/3 of billable time writing code to prevent such user errors, notifications such as progress wheels and multi-threading to speed up the application.

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